Sacred Mother Sanctuary


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Sacred Mother Sanctuary

A part of

Untied Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary Network

Preserving our wild Medicinals and Nature one Sanctuary at a time

 Here at Sacred Mother Sanctuary we work to preserve the wild medicines that are our heritage. Looking at new ways to grow what you need for plant medicine right where you live. Nature and wildness are celebrated, not conquered; pollinators are welcomed on our Certified Bee Friendly Farm.  Education is the key to change and classes are offered in growing medicinals for your needs, and how to make simple medicine with your bounty.  Come experience the beauty of Mother Earth and rest in her embrace as Nature sings her song to your heart. Walk softly…

Current projects: We still are expanding the main Medicine garden as well as working on our prairie trail and plantings!

“You can never really own land; but you can do the best you can with it while it’s in your care”

Ben Avery

Contact us at: for more information on upcoming events and classes.