Snowy Wind

So this morning I stood in the snowy wind doing my prayers. Not my home,instead far, far away in the North country of Michigan. There is so much moving around us these days since the election. So much fear and uncertainty, so much change. It does not matter who you voted for in the election, because everyone had a role to play in the great unfolding that is happening. I know some have lost their way in the daily struggle called life. For many of us it is harder and harder to survive. But I felt it in my prayers this morning that something much bigger is taking place in this world.

There are two things that I notice right now. There are people who are coming together and reconnecting with who they are and then there are those who are disconnecting with everything around them. The polarity of the two groups could not be more different.

Many of my friends have gone to Standing Rock to be with the People of many tribes form around the world. Every one that I know said they did not want to leave. The hardships were like those they had never experienced, but the joy of being in harmony for one purpose, working together, touched their hearts like nothing has ever affected them. The closeness with Nature and Mother Earth, the Elders who know so many truths. It touched something in them deeply. A remembrance of who they are. Some have gone home and decided to sell everything they own and return there to live in balance and prayer. They prefer that reality. My heart has called to me many times to go, but the answer in my prayers is no. For me I have to stay where I am and support how I can from here. We pray at the waters around us, we hold sacred space, and we speak of what is happening up north. The water protectors are more than just Natives coming together to stop an oil pipeline. It is more than stopping the black snake. It is about coming back into balance and becoming–birthing–the people of one heart. The people who know how to connect in prayer, who know how to connect with their Mother. Who understand that there is something so much more satisfying than watching the latest movie on their big screen TV. They feel the balance while they are there, the brother/sisterhood and do not want to leave. I feel it too. I feel it from afar and many of my friends are feeling it too. We are coming together. We are learning old ways of doing things, not because we like to work harder, but because it connects us to who we really are. Anyone can start a fire with a match or lighter, but the first time you start a fire with a stick or a flint it is much more empowering. You no longer need someone else to give you fire. When you grow your own food with ancient seeds, you no longer fear the store running out or prices going up past what you can afford. You are growing your food. It is there–Mother is helping you.

We have lost so much of who we really are. I do not believe that our purpose on this Earth is to have “Things”. In the end your fancy car and big house mean nothing. They are screams in the darkness that you think says you are important. But you really are just as important as the homeless person who has nothing. There really is no difference.

So for the New Year I would ask you a question. What is really important to you? Your phone? Your family? A walk in the woods or on the prairie? What makes you really smile in your heart? The conversation with a stranger that you know–an exchange of “we are on the same page”. Or are you happy to close your eyes and turn on your phone or electronic devise, getting sucked into the depths of nothing. Don’t get me wrong–tech has its place. But do you control it or does it control you? Maybe, put it down and go for a walk outside. Delight in the trees and flowers and animals that live on the same planet but in a totally different world. And even in the dead of a cold Winter’s morning, go walk in the Snowy Wind.