Living in tornado alley a good part of my life—in Texas, Oklahoma and now Kansas—there is a phenomena that occurs. When there is a threat of a tornado, everyone wants to run out side to see it. The smart ones, people who have lived through them before, know better and run for the basement or whatever cover they have. But others want to witness the power and destruction of something that comes from the clouds. There has not been a tornado here at our farm—that is not what I am writing  about  today. No today I am writing abut a different kind of violent storm.


Right now, in our world there is a violent storm taking place. One of hate, fear, and great destruction. If we look at the violence that has occurred in shootings in the US and now the horrible attack with a truck in Nice France, we see we are in the midst of a terrible storm of humanity. I often wonder why people hate each other so much, why they judge so much. It amazes me the strength of the hatred coming from people and the reaction to fear. I have watched for a long time now as our society as a whole world wide has spiraled out of control.


Along time ago we stopped watching tv in my family. Now we are not totally removed but we still watch movies. But the violence and disrespect for each other we see on TV is now called entertainment. There are some people who enjoy watching other people getting killed, raped and hacked to pieces. These are not some remote deviants, no there are millions of them around the world. They let their children watch as well. It has become our level of entertainment. No more Mary Poppins, or Singing in the Rain, no—too boring for this crowd. Terror, greed, crime, violence, it all sells big time. And don’t forget the sex. Now, I am not a prude, but I do believe that what we focus on manifests around us. If our focus is of this more negative nature, then that is what starts to appear in our society. Children see it and think that is how we are to act in this world. They are very easy to influence. And so what we have called entertainment for the last couple of decades, has now become our reality. The violence we thought was fun to watch, is now showing up in our neighbor hoods, towns and cities. And we are appalled! How could this be happening in our town??? Well, it is what you focused on all these years. But the reality is not so entertaining. We can’t blame it all on the tv industry, or the movies, but really it is a big part of our culture—those two things– in our country. Have you ever watched a really violent movie and noticed how you felt afterward? Really tapped in and felt what it does to your body? Are you calm or are you uneasy? Now watch a really sweet movie—one about love, or the goodness of humanity. How does that make you feel afterwards? You feel love. Emotions of joy.  I personally have a very hard time watching violent movies. I am too sensitive for that—but I love watching movies that inspire me, and express the love in the world. It is what I choose to focus on and manifest in my life.


So if you can take a moment and look at what you watch, what influences your children, and step back and ask—are we creating the world we now live in with our negative actions? What am I doing to change it in my home—or is it business as usual.  What feelings and things do you support in your life?      Are there things that you dislike, a certain company or industry, or shows or games, and yet you still buy into them—literally and emotionally? Detach from it. Plant a garden, plant hope. Start teaching those around you what love, joy and peace are instead of supporting the energy of the violence. It makes no sense to watch the news and cry at the destruction of lives in front of you, and call it entertainment later with your favorite actors/actresses. You are supporting the same energy if you are watching a violent movie as is being played out in our world today. Energies of good and evil don’t really care if it is called entertainment or not. They do not care if it is just people acting. The energy is real. So if you are tired of the destruction in our lives that we are now facing, it is time for you to stand up and do something about it. It is time to walk away from supporting that energy of evil. The entertainment industry makes movies that sell—if you walk away from one type and want another type, they will move with you if enough people do as well. Speak out with your wallet. Refuse to be apart of the violence that is manifesting in our world right now.