Wobbly Spring!

This year has been the year of imbalance in the garden. Nothing is coming up when it should and then everything is coming up at once! It is the earliest I have ever seen some of these plants up and blooming. It feels like May, but it is April, and some things should not even be up and going until almost June! But here we go! Another year full of unknowns in the plant and weather world.

As an avid bee keeper and an advocate for pollinator habitat, this would seem good—early forage for the bees who so need it! Yeah, sure—but what about later in the summer when things should be blooming but are done and long gone. Something as simple as when a flower blooms can effect all the wildlife around it! Nothing is that simple. We live in a very complicated, intensely woven together world, and when one strand miss steps or breaks, the whole web of life is compromised.  So many people do not notice, do not care and will not care. But those of us who listen, watch and care, see things happening that shouldn’t be. We see our world out of control, wobbly and crazy and wonder why no one notices. If our seasons change much more you will see whole sets of plants and trees decide this is not what they like—and die. The stress of trying to figure out what season it is and what should be done now will get to be too much. Look at our food—the wheat around us just headed up over night with a good rain, but the plants are almost not there! I wonder if the crop will be worth anything this year.

I sit and I listen, I watch and I pray, that something will help to bring us back into balance. In more ways than one.  Pay  attention—see what is happening—don’t become one of the ‘head in the sand’ people who ignore the world around them!

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