Farm Surprise


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At 3:30am this morning I heard the coyotes howling and carrying on right out front of our house. It woke both of us up and as I laid there trying to go back to sleep I wondered why they were so close this morning—what message did Coyote have for me? I often wonder why they howl every time a train goes by. Does it hurt their ears? Or are they just looking for an excuse to sing? I finally fell back to sleep thinking of all I had to do today.

Today is a day to plant and transplant and I was sorting out my schedule, writing a letter that I needed to get out to an Elder and hoping for things to go smoothly today. I went out to the barn were several does have been holding on to the last minute to deliver. And then I heard the little kid calling—not a child but a baby goat! My dear girl Phoebe who always gives me girls had one on the ground and wanted her breakfast! I gave her some feed, rushed with my chores and ran to the house to get towels and iodine and gloves.

When I came back it was clear that she was not done and I think this sweet little girl had only been on the ground for a short time as mom was still cleaning her through bites of grain. So we waited while she ate. I have had many people tell me a goat will not eat while in labor—obviously this one and several others I own do not listen to that sage advise! So after she was done eating, then cleaning the first one again, she finally got down to business and out popped another lovely girl! What a way to start off the kidding season! Two healthy little girls! The first one was the biggest, the second smaller. I think I will name the second one Amber for her lovely color! Still working on a name for the first one. She has a very outgoing personality! Amber is more laid back and quiet. Now we will see what else happens in my day—so far the schedule that I swore I would stick to has gone out the window! Such is a day on the farm with the plants, the bees, the birds and the goats! Only nine more does to go!


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