Making Medicine

Today is Medicine making day for me. A day filled with prayers and concentration on the plants that are  here to help us. This year for several of my salves I was able to include at least 50% of the herbs needed from my own farm. Next year I hope that to be 100%! There is a different feel to making medicine with plants you have lovingly cared for from seed to harvest. It is far more powerful than simply ordering from the internet and hoping it was raised in a good way.

I was taught by my cousin, who was taught by our Great Grandmother to always, when making medicine, stay in prayer. I pray in gratitude to the plants that have given their lives so that medicine can be made. I pray to Creator in thanks for allowing me to make this medicine and for having the knowledge and ability to do it. But most importantly I pray for all the people who will use it, who will need it to help them to heal. This is the kind of Medicine that can not be bought from a mass produced marketing scheme. It is small batches, made at certain times of the year, and made with prayer. I take this very seriously. That is my job. To take it very seriously. The one salve that was my Great Grandmother’s recipe, or one that she had, is very special to me as well as my cousin. We know in our hearts that it was no accident that she found the recipe buried among the cook books of my Great Grandmother. We honor her and her Black Welsh heritage. She had knowledge that was common back then but now has been forgotten. Every Mother and Grandmother knew how to heal their families as much as possible. There were no doctors just down the street. And on my Cherokee side of the family it was the same. A strong will to sustain life and survive what ever came their way.  Now there is judgment, and opinions of your Spiritual beliefs. It is so sad that we are so scared of something that is as much a part of our personal heritage as food is. It was a part of everyday knowledge, no matter what faith or religion guided their hearts. My Great Grandmother was Southern Baptist. So judge away!

I will continue to make medicine for family and friends no matter what they think of me. It is the job that Creator has put before me and he is not one to be argued with!  So, may someone close to you, who loves you, be making medicine for you to use.  And if not, make it your self or get it from someone who honors it for what it is. A gift. Wado

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