Water is the most important thing that we have. It helps us live everyday and it cleanses and heals us. We bathe in it and we cook with it. When we don’t have water, we have famine, disease and death. Plants won’t grow with out water in our gardens.

We have been very dry here in Central Kansas this winter. No snow and very little rain. But today we heard the rain falling gently outside. It is a new Moon in Pieces  I believe. A water sign. And a good day to get some rain.  Right now it is raining, but that doesn’t stop the birds from flying. They love the water too. They’ve missed it. Some are taking baths right now. Fluffing their feathers and enjoy the healing affects of just being clean! They seem happy to see it.

I’m glad it is not a pounding rain—gentle is better after so long since the last one. So now all the plants that have come up early will at least have some water to carry them through whatever the Spring will bring! And the fire danger might just drop a bit—or better yet just go away!

I am of Cherokee decent and water is very sacred to us. For me personally it is important to start every morning by drinking my first glass of water for the day with a prayer of gratitude for water. When I bathe I thank the water as well, for the cleansing away of all things not needed. I consider even bathing as healing. I am grateful to have it in my life. Nothing feels better to me than a tall, cool glass of water after hard work. It refreshes me! So maybe the next time you drink some water, bathe or wash your hands, you should thank Creator and the water for it being in your life too, and stop to realize that just turning on that faucet is a blessing as big as life.

I would ask that everyone pray for the people of Flint, MI who are suffering so horribly in their water crisis. We trust when we shouldn’t always trust, and now a whole generation of children and adults will be damaged for life because their water was not clean. We are spoiled in America. We think that the water will always be here and be safe to drink. Not so. And this is not the first time this has happened, nor is it the only thing happening right now. Let us hope and pray that it will never happen again. Stand up for your water. It is your life.  Wado

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