Turkey Dance

When we are not sure if Spring is here or if this is just a warm trend that will disappear in an instant, we look to signs around us from nature.

The Turkeys were dancing this morning in the field next to my house. Turkey is the “give away” in my culture. When you go to a gathering there is always a give away, the honoring of those who have come to support you in what you are doing, by giving gifts. A blanket, some food, tobacco–just something to share. Turkey represents Spring, the giving after a long cold take away time. So out doing chores the Turkeys danced and sang, filling the cold morning air with music. That music and that dance bring hope. Spring is coming, plants are growing, the greening is taking place.

I am so blessed to live where I do and to know these gifts when they present themselves. Turkeys are a blessing to me, a gift from Creator/Mother. A sign you are loved and not alone. I don’t think many people ever really notice this unless they are hunters. They do not see the blessings all around them that come in seeing or hearing such things. I on the other hand can not imagine Spring without the beautiful sounds of the Turkey dance–singing and dancing and bringing us the gift of hope for all that will grow and be this coming summer! So listen for the Turkeys and remember the give away!


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