The Peepers of Spring

We have lived on this farm for 10 years now, and one of the biggest joys we experience in Spring is the return of the Peepers. Peepers are frogs and they sing in the evening when temps get warmer. To some this would be an expected experience but when we first moved here we did not hear them at all. I think it was about the third year that we really started to hear them sing again. See for science geeks like me the truth is frogs are an indicator to the environment around you. No frogs, not good! So when they came back it was a victory that our farm is safe enough for them to be here.

I really love it in the Spring when the storms start to brew to the west and the frogs come out to “sing in the rain”. Their songs combined with the smell of rain and lightning is an elixir after a long hard winter.  The first drops that fall bring the smell of dirt into the air. Growing up in the dessert southwest this was much more noticeable, probably because it was so dry. But when I catch a whiff of it here in Kansas I always close my eyes and am instantly taken back home. Smells, sounds and tastes can bring great comfort to the soul!

So as Spring approaches your area of the world, see if you can hear the frogs singing—they will tell you if it is a safe place to be!


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