In Search of Eagles

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Every winter we take a drive about 40 minutes  North of us to a lake to try and see the Bald eagles. They have been there every year and it is always a joy to see them. This year we got too busy so on Sunday I decided to make it happen! We got a new spotting scope for Christmas and were excited to try it out spotting the eagles.

The first place we drove in we saw one up in the trees. My husband, Noel,  got out the scope and it was so cool to see them up close like that! Then it flew off the branch and swooped into the water, flying almost right over our heads as it found another tree to roost in. We really enjoyed watching it eat its late afternoon snack of a fish! Have you ever seen Bald Eagles in the wild before?

When I was a little girl, I thought that I would never see one except for in a zoo. They were all dying when I was a child—thanks to the lovely, and safe DDT. Last year as I was subbing for a High School science class, I told them that the first time I saw a bald eagle in the wild, I cried. They didn’t understand why. So I told them the story of how we almost lost our National bird to pesticides. They had no idea. They were mostly shocked. This was very disturbing to me because if we forget what has happened before, we are more likely to repeat it again in the future. We are sort of dumb like that as human beings.

I have watched a similar nightmare unfolding with the Honey bees and wild pollinators. But it is also affecting the birds and aquatic life as well. But this time, there is not the urgency to stop it like before. This time it is all about the money people make and how that is the priority.

Did you know that they want to mine Uranium in the Grand Canyon now? Are they insane? But people do not seem to care in their sleep of uninvolvement. I often wonder if the tech world is not part of a plan to make us dumb and oblivious to what is going on outside our own doors. How many kids even go outside to play anymore? What they do not know, they will not fight for. But on the other side of the coin multimedia can share things faster and bring issues to the forefront on a wider scale. A double edged sword for sure.  So where will it stop, this dive into madness? Will anyone care that our environment is unraveling at an alarming rate? There is no money in saving it—but it insures a future for our children, and our children’s children. Will the “Me” generation stop thinking of only itself and finally save something for the future? Will the wealthy that are destroying the environment for profit ever realize that when it is dead so will they be—their money will not save them?  And for those who think that a environmental crises will not hit in their back yard then just simply ask the people of Flint, MI who trusted that someone cared and had their best interests at heart. That it would be impossible for anyone to do something that would harm the people. Those children will never be cured of lead poisoning. Never. Irreversible. And where is the outrage and the anger that this happened? Most people don’t know or don’t care. But if it can happen there, it can happen where you live too.

Sometimes all of this smothers me until I see the Bald Eagle flying in the wild, catching fish and doing what Eagles do. It gives me hope. When I see farmers changing the way they farm or raise livestock to make a healthier environment, I feel hope. When I see people start to demand they have safe food, I have hope. Now if people would just wake up and walk outside. To see what is around them and what they are a part of that would be real hope for our future!

Post note: I wrote this article at home this morning by the fireplace and had no idea that they found 13 dead Bald Eagles in Maryland this past weekend. Cause of death unknown–the story is in the Washington post or on Yahoo news. So sad!!!


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