Spring Frenzy

Can you feel it in the air around you yet? I have talked to people all over the country and all are telling me that Spring is coming early—with trees even budding out in Michigan already! Here we are seeing warmer temps and so far we have had an extremely mild winter. I am, in fact still waiting for winter to start! Where is the snow?? But it might be that it is gone already. For me, living close with Nature I tend to watch the animals around me. My favorite winter friend is the Junco or Snow Bird. It is my winter weatherman supreme. This little feathered friend arrives before the first big winter storm and won’t leave until we are totally done. This bird has never been wrong for me. And this bird is still present in my garden. Not yet.
Many of my farmer/nature friends are predicting already a bad fruit year—the trees are wanting to bud out early, but then those lovely days of frigid temps will sneak back in for a couple of days and there it all goes! So when you walk with Nature, strange weather patterns and changes in the night sky are very obvious to you. But it doesn’t necessarily give you something to maneuver better when things are this strange. Surrender or frustration are the only answers.
Here we are reaching the critical mass point on the farm. My medicine is up and needing transplanted and moved to the greenhouse. The lovely increase in the electric bill comes with it! My beautiful Guernsey goats are about to give birth as well. So an increase in watching and preparing for them is added to the mix. It always hits at the same time. And you can prepare all you want but the fact is there is not that much you can do to lessen the frenzy. So we take deep breaths and try hard to not get overwhelmed. Another breath is needed. And if nothing else works I go out to my medicine garden and sit under the Mother tree, leaning my back up against her, and then breathe again. Not enough room, not enough time, not enough money for things you need now, not enough hands or hours in the day. Breathe. Breathe again. I feel this old girl behind me and it is almost as if she is laughing at me. It will all work out—it always does.
This year I have never seen the medicine plants so eager! They are germinating in record time and growing really fast! Strong medicine being grown for someone who will plant it in their garden and harvest later it’s gentle goodness! Good medicine! But even as I transplant the tiny babies into bigger spaces for their roots, their medicine works on me too. Any time I grow things or am part of that amazing, unbelievable cycle of growth it is healing for me as well. To take a seed and put it in fertile earth and then watch it grow, sprouting and unfurling it’s tiny leaves. Some new medicines are a mystery to me as what they will look like. What are their leaves going to be like? Will they like the soil I put them in? Too much water or not enough?
When things get really crazy like they have been this week, I have to stop and refocus. Take a breath and think of what I’m really doing. Reconnect and move forward. Shut out the world if it is even for an hour or a day or a week. Re group. Nature is the most powerful healer that we have access to. We are a part of it, and it is a part of us. We only get into trouble when we disconnect from it, get too caught up in politics or money issues, the price of gas or the weird weather. Because Nature marches on and adapts. A tree can not pick up it’s roots and run away from a drought—it must endure and dig deeper into the soil and hope. The bees can’t argue with us over their living conditions, they must find a way around it all or die. And so in this frenzy of time called Spring, I must breath deeply, not get overwhelmed, take one step at a time and not look at the mountain out there in front of me. It’s just a mountain. And it will be beautiful when I reach it’s top!

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