The good things in life

Every day we are bombarded with things that are happening around the world that we just can’t understand. It seems to me it happens more now than ever before. Some say that social media just makes more of this sad news available, but I do not believe this is true. When people disconnect from who they really are, they stop caring about everything around them. We see kids who do not know what it is like to climb a tree or walk in a wild place by themselves. They are so caught up in the drama of life and cell phones that they miss what it is like to really be alive.

Everyday when I wake up, no matter how bad things are for me in my life, I say a prayer of thanks to Creator. I am grateful for everything around me and all that I experience. My old truck–I’m thankful that I have it and it still runs. So many people would not even get in this old truck–there is nothing cool about it. It’s old. But I love it. And the older it gets, and the more it gets me where I need to go, the more I love it. I’m blessed. Some would argue that I’m not because, for example, I do not own a big screen TV. I have an old TV set with a built in VHS that belonged to my late Grandmother. It MEANS something to me for that one reason. I don’t want a new one or things for that matter. I am blessed to be on a farm, surrounded by the gifts of Creator. Not everyone will ever get to have that. So if I am poor by most standards, that’s okay. I feel rich in what I get to experience everyday.

This morning I could hear the birds singing out side my window as I got ready to go to work. It was a cardinal and a chickadee. I know the sounds of my friends out side. Like the turkeys calling, waiting for the arrival of Spring so they can hold their matting dances. The strange sound of the pheasant as it flies across the road to hide in taller grass. And at night the call of the great horned owl, echoing across the vast fields from the hedge  row. I know the call of the coyote too, whenever a train goes by in the distance they seem to sing with it, or maybe protest it’s existence. I am so tuned into my surroundings that I can immediately hear if a new bird is singing in my yard, or if the dogs bark changes into something more serious. I can watch those birds at the feeders and tell you better than a weather man what the next storm will bring.

When, as Human beings, will we understand that the THINGS we buy or crave because someone else has them are not what life is about. Life is love. The love of a favorite tree in the yard that is pretty in summer and breathtaking in fall. The moon rising full over an endless sky creating a painting so rich that nothing can duplicate it ever again. Looking at the stars that go on forever with someone that you love, a moment of absolute awe at just how small we are. These are the things we need to bring into our lives. Not jewelry or cars or bigger TVs, something instead so precious that it can never be bought. Absolute love.

So this weekend with Valentines day looming on the event horizon, don’t get flowers or chocolates or jewels–take the one you love–family included and hold them in your arms as you watch the wonders of nature. From a Bald Eagle flying over a lake, to a shooting star. Or maybe just birds at the feeder or your dog chasing a squirrel and realize, in that moment, that there is far more to be grateful for than you ever thought possible! Wado and have a day filled with love–many days filled with love!



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