Late Night Thunders

It seems odd to me that on the first of February we are having a thunderstorm! I have lived here for 10 years and not seen one so early. It rattled the whole house and woke both of us up!!

I love the Thunder Beings and always feel blessed when they come along. I had a hard day and was down–which never happens much with me–just wondering where all my work is leading me. And then-this clap of thunder! For me it was like a shake from above–snap out of it! You are on the right path–the Medicine will lead you where you have to go.

It is always the case. Those of us who live close with the Earth are always guided. We listen, and act upon those silent words. I have walked my whole life that way and it has led me along-never falling off the cliff. What we know is important. What we learn is even more important. In a world gone absolutely nuts, our knowledge grounds us. It is our savings account.

When I look at the plants outside, when I look at the weeds, I know which ones are food and medicine. Maybe a crop I plant won’t do so well, but a wild plant that is wonderful food will take over! It is speaking to us. “Here grow this plant! It likes it here!” So we must listen.

The sky is washed clean now–and so is my soul. Thank you Thunder beings for reminding me of who I am and why I am here! Wake up! Listen! And walk with the Earth! Wado!


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