Medicine is up!

January 29, 2016
There is one thing I love about growing medicine, the hope in the future it brings. When I pick what to plant each year, I listen; I listen to that inner voice that guides me on my path. I often wonder who will buy this medicine or who will need it. What will the season be like? One can not seem to tell weather wise what to expect anymore.

But today and yesterday a winter reprieve has come with warmer temps. So it was to the garden I went to clean trails, move fallen limbs and tidy up. The bird song at the feeders is a different song than when a winter storm approaches. This is a joyful song-a true singing of the soul. During times of deep winter weather, their song is a more demanding-an urgent plea to hurry because the cold North winds are coming. But today the songs are sweet and happy.

The sky was so bright blue! Wiped clean of all dust and clouds, the sun shinning fully all day for the first time in weeks. I always appreciate that blue sky—I often stop while hanging out clothes or getting the mail to just look up at it in awe. Why so blue today? It reminds me of a clean slate. As one of my Elders Agnes Baker Pilgrim used to say-“yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is all you have. So each day take the 18 inch Journey from your head to you heart, and live today as if it were your last!” I often think of that when I see the clean slate of blue sky after a storm. Washed clean!

So today there were some surprises! Some medicine is up! In the garden I could see the Mother wort and nettles poking through in their green goodness! So early! I even saw some most dreaded baby grasshoppers already. That seems impossible this time of year!

Upstairs under the grow lights, the joy of medicine growing from seed! They are up and now plants, manifesting the energy of Mother Earth in her finest! I love to see the first seeds break through! It’s better than Christmas and they decided to come to the party! The teasel is now starting to come up as well as chamomile, yarrow, Valerian, and numerous others. What a day of gifts! Thank you Creator/Mother for all you give me on a daily basis! Wado!


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