Bird Friends

The Chicken and the Hawk January 23, 2016

An interesting day on this wonderful full moon!  Was talking on the phone when I heard a noise out side. Loud and bold cawing of crows mixed with chicken screams. When you live on a farm close with nature you are tuned in so much to your surroundings that you can hear when something is not right, like a change in the way the dogs are barking or the chickens squawking loudly in fear! I hung up and ran out side to investigate! In the sky there were a dozen crows flying around in scattered abandon, screaming and diving at a hawk who was very close the chicken coop and yard. Then a small bird joined in and dove toward the hawk, letting it know it was not welcome. I sparrow hawk was next in line, coming so fast in a dive, it’s wings folded close into it’s body like a missile of destruction. As I walk towards the coop the chickens were screaming in alarm, running into their house for cover. Then all of a sudden a second hawk rose from the ground out of my view from behind the coop! I ran, worried I would find the dying body of one of my hens. My grey Orpington ran past me from the site and fled inside. There on the ground where her grey feathers scattered about by the wind. I ran inside to check her—no blood was found. A close call though!  I don’t think we have lost a chicken to a hawk ever in over ten years! But what was the most amazing thing was the fact that the crows, birds and that brave little sparrow hawk were protecting my chickens. They did not give up their pursuit until the hawks were gone—not even letting one rest on a tree on the other side of the farm.


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