Snow Feathers-January 24, 2016

In the depth of winter, in our busy lives, we can miss things if we do not stop and look. A puddle on the ground on the way to the barn for morning chores. Cold, tired, and would rather be in bed, but I look and see the puddle-frozen,  but something different. Snow feathers three dimensionally dancing above the sheet of ice. Never in my life have I seen such a sight! I might never see it again. Life is changeable all around us. If we watch, observe and come into the space of our Mother we will witness things that can not be created even in our mind. Even in the dead of winter when all is asleep in the plant world here, there is still something to see, something to marvel over and bring a tear to your eye!

What a gift! Glad I went out to the barn to do chores that morning!


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