For as long as I can remember I have observed and immersed my self in Nature, watching everything around me as if Creator himself had made it just for me. A Masterpiece hanging on a wall that only I could see the beauty in. I think I am different that way. I can watch a sunset and know I will never see anything just like it again in my life. I cherish it deeply in that moment. Like snowflakes that always change, never duplicating. It is amazing that Nature can have infinite variations, never repeating the same pattern twice. It is one of the reasons that trying to control an outcome of Nature does not work. We have intelligent brains, but we do not get that we are really not in charge of anything but ourselves, and even then that is an iffy proposal. We are a part of a web, a web that is so intricate, so detailed, that to snip one thread is to compromise the whole structure. We do not dominate Nature and survive. For she will, in her time, wash over us like we are nothing but pebbles in the sand. We are a speck of dust, swept out to sea. If you ever step into a wilderness area, no trails, no one around to help, you will begin to feel just how vulnerable we are. We are nothing more than a part of that web, we did not create it, and we can not control it.

In Nature, plants and animals adapt to threats whether it be a virus or a predator. In a stand of trees dying of a virus, there often times will be one that survives—the last one. It had more time to figure out how to stop the virus. We are now seeing on this Planet an increase in mutations for adaptation. Weeds are growing resistant to herbicides; bacteria are mutating and gaining resistance to antibiotics. Why is this happening? Because those things all have a purpose on the Earth. They all have a role to play that is very important. It is the balance that is evident in all living things. No one thing is immune to death and when something throws off that balance Nature increases it’s fight against that which has become unbalanced. The Earth is overpopulated right now. We are taking more than we give back. We are destroying Nature at a faster pace than ever witnessed before in the history of the planet. We are now becoming the enemy. So viruses will get stronger, weeds more persistent. All of this will continue until we realize that we are what is out of balance and bring ourselves back into balance. We are the problem we are trying to fight.

But there is an answer. There is a way to reconnect and become a part of the Sacred Circle of Life. There is a way to bring balance back in our own lives, in our own homes and farms. What happens when you do is amazing. The Mother embraces you fully. You become a part of the web once again. Everything you need shows up in front of you, and a peace like you have never felt washes into your life. Not that you can’t be pulled back into the craziness of our world, but you can always come back into the peace until you decide that you will stay there.

You learn humbleness. To honor those people and things around you that Creator has brought to help you on the journey. And that is what this blog is about. The Earth Walk.

At this time we pray for the people of the world who are totally disconnected form the web of life, who do not realize they are a part of Nature. We pray to Creator/Mother that the violence and hatred be transformed into something better. That peace will come to people in their hearts when they realize we are all One. We are all connected. No separation. We are the web of life and we must repair the damage we have done. We must come home.

I send blessings out to all at this time of Thanksgiving. That we have good food from the Earth, and loving friends and family gathered near, to share this wondrous place in which we are privileged to live.  Wado—thank you!


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